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Complete Range of Professional Tree And Lawn Care Services for Homes and Businesses in Kingston, Ontario

We offer lawn care programs and tree & shrub plans for residential and business properties.

When you want to create a welcoming atmosphere in your property anywhere in Kingston, Ontario and surrounding areas, trust Greens Keeper for all your professional tree pruning, tree removal, lawn care and weed control services.

Taking care of your lawn doesn’t have to take all of your precious time! With Greens Keeper, you can let professionals handle all your lawn care needs from fertilization, tree pruning, removal, weed control and other lawn services. We can also help our clients in Kingston, Ontario get a customized lawn care program based on the condition of their lawn and the different seasons in the year.

Our tree and lawn care services have helped hundreds of homeowners in and around Kingston, Ontario.

Our Experience

With 20 years of experience in providing reliable tree removal, pruning, weed control and other lawn services in Kingston, Ontario, we at Greens Keeper are confident that we can provide your property any lawn care service it needs.

Over the years in the business, we have made our tree services and lawn care business in Kingston, Ontario a success because of our quality pruning, cutting, stump removal/stump grinding, weed control and detailed lawn care services. We always deliver a superior tree, landscape and environmental service experience to every residential, utility and commercial client in Kingston, Ontario. Our company’s history gives us unique insight about caring for plant life. We use our past experience and current expertise to create a lawn that matches your personal vision.

Our Expertise

From simple to complex tree cutting, pruning and removal, weed control and other lawn care services in Kingston, Ontario, we have the skills, equipment, and most importantly the experience to help you deal with the situation.

We also do tree evaluation, taking care of insurance and environmental claims, lawn care consultations, vegetation care/control, fertilization, and practically any other services related to these mentioned services in Kingston, Ontario.

We use our experience to become landscape industry leaders. Our professional team includes certified horticulturists and foresters. You’ll work closely with our expert team to manage each part of your tree and lawn care services that will keep your trees and shrubs healthy and strong.

In addition to our team of professionals, we also use the right equipment to do the job efficiently and properly. Our tree pruning, tree removal, weed control, turf and lawn care services are done using the latest equipment and methods in the "tree and lawn care" industry in Kingston, Ontario.

From lawn renovation to weed control and soil amendment, we are able to transform any under-maintained lawn into a beautiful and lush lawn.

We Specialize In The Following Tree and Lawn Care Services in Kingston, ON:

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